Product Detail
DK Bundling Machine

Machine Introduction

Packaging material: made of PE plastic tape of synthetic fiber with good elasticity, suitable for internal-external packing of light product.

Applicable industry: paper product manufacturing and printing, newspaper office, publishing press, bookstore, factory, chemical plant and other stores.

This machine only needs one people to operate, without any technical training.

Technical Parameters

· Type: DX—700

· Bundling range: 375px—1875px

· Tabletop depth: 625px

· Length: 3125px

· Width: 2375px

· Height: 4000px

· Power: 0.55Kw

· Weight: 191Kg

Machine Characteristics

· The machine body is made of ball mill cast iron handled with aging treatment to ensure wear without deformation.

· The machine head is ZG40Cr exactly casted and treated with quenching and nitriding..

· The knotting part and wire-back part are made of 50CrNiMo, durable and wearable.

· The machine applies the electromagnetic clutch for control to prevent the clutch from wearing.

· The machine is characterized by high speed, 1/3 speed faster than like products, with quite high efficiency.