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Folder Gluer + Strapping machine in line

Folder Gluer + Strapping machine in line

This machines design and manufacture fits the cardboard feeding, folding, gluing and bundling. It is PLC control, touch screen operation and pre-store order and manage order. It has high speed production capacity, fast order changing and excellent stability, can satisfy the requirements of less and less delivery cycle for carton box customers.

Folder gluer unit characteristics:

1: This machine use Korea QINGLONG companys design philosophy, is the only company at our dongguang county who is using three units wall to fix the folding arm, can realize the folding arm stabilization with no vibrating.

2: Folding belt is using separate power, each unit belt have separate motor drive, this can prolong the belt using life,can reduce the belt tension degree.

3:This machine is using vacuum sorb to transfer the cardboard, ensure the cardboard in the operational process stabilization and error correction function.

4:folding unit add three units creasing device to compensate the printer machine creasing defects, can resolve the carton gluing scissors difference.

5: Gluing head is importing USA glue-spraying device.

6: Computer auto order changing, auto order storing .

7: Count and output unit is using drop type feeding method, double patting tidily function, resolve the carton big scissors difference problem.

8:Output unit is using direct pushing type, can resolve the small cardboard toppling down problem of traditional hook-lifting type.

9: Can input the cardboard total width, gluing belt is auto tracking, realize the cardboards distance minimum 5-10cm, to reduce belt speed, improve gluing speed, reduce unnecessary belt wear.

Main technical parameter:

Machine speed: 120 sheets/min

Max. cardboard size: 2400*1450mm

Min. cardboard size: 350*790mm (include inner side)

Suitable cardboard: thickness less than 9mm  3 layer or 5 layer

Belt : Polyvinyl acetate  emulsion PVA

1 working route chart:

Feeding →gluing pre-creasingfolding counting bundling output

2: gluing unit function introduction:

Gluing parts: gluing parts is using non-stop method or glue system, to avoid glue solidifying, gluing wheel distance easy adjustment. Dial plate suit glue 1-12mm thickness cardboard, gluing quantity is easy to adjust.

Will no cardboard get stuck and high precision.

Up and down belt speed can separately adjust, means their speed is different, and can be adjusted to the same speed.

Cardboard folding is using belt or rubber roll type, easy to adjust the folding angle.

Pre-creasing part is using up, down roll adjusting distance, can improve cardboard thickness between 1mm and 12mm. Dial plate easily adjust.

Cardboard stacking and counting.

Cardboard pushing is using mechanical system and sensor, realize the full-automatic.

Counter(sensor) is counting the carton quantity , easy set and reliable.

Cardboard stacking is using computer counting and high precision pushing.

Bundler unit:

1: bundler total power(include direction turning part, carton holding part and compression dynamic bundler part  ): 3KW;

2: power: three phase five lines AC380V(1+10%)  50Hz;

3: direction turning part: (L2210  W2050   H1350);

4: carton holding part: (L1800  W2050  H1350);

5: bundling part: (L1500  W665  H1792) ;

6:working speed: 15-20 units/min;

7:working environment : relative humidity ≤90%, temperature 0-40, noise 75dB(A);

8: belt width: 5mm;

9:belt plate size: belt circle core inner diameter 200-210mm, belt circle outer diameter 400-450mm, belt circle width 175-190mm;

10: bonding method: heat fusion;

11: bonding way: bottom bonding, bonding size ≥90%, bonding position error 2mm;

12: bundling tightness: 0-45KG;

13: air pressure: 0.5-0.8MPa;

14: roll material: stainless steel;

15: roll diameter: 50mm, roll wall thickness: 1.5mm;

16: transferring speed: 0-50m/min;