Product Detail

DMC-basket Down Stacker

DMC-basket Down Stacker

Function and Characteristics

△ Effective working width: 1600mm-2500mm

△ Max. working speed: 200m/min 250m/min

△ Max. sheet length 3000mm, Min, sheet length 500mm.

△ Max. stacking height 1400mm. ( stacking height not over triplicity of sheet width)

△ Automatic sheet stacking and side delivery.

△ Simplex or duplex down stacker structure.

△ Hydraulic servo valve control of elevator deck,ensure stable and quickly stacking.

△ Conveyor belt keeping synchronours with production line speed, keep stacking stable.

△ PLC control system to follow production line speed , delivery paper sheet, control elevator deck up and down, control back stop positioning clapboard to achieved automatic order change

△ Adopt fiberglass brush press paperboard, and according to paperboard length adjust pressure. Exit of paper sheet delivery with press brush, anti-excursion and guide paper sheet correct delivery.

△ Subsection independent driver by AC frequency conversion motor, automatic follow production speed of production line, ensure stable and quickly stacking.

△ This machine can be connect with production management system to achieved order change and order management.

△ Adopt man-machine conversation and touch screen display, easy operation.

△ Automatic clapboard setting for sheet length, and automatic paper sheet side delivery.