Product Detail
Double Facer
Double Facer

Function and Characteristics

△ Design speed:200-250m/min,width:1800mm-2500mm

△ Man-machine interface PLC automatic control, automatic switching of the heating plate number and size of the pressure to adapt to different kind of paper flute peak intact

△ Heating plate is surface grinded and chrome-plated.

△ Dense weight rollers be used in heating section, 3-stage adjustable pressure for weight rollers are controlled by pneumatic system according to thickness of paperboard.(optional)

△ Tension contorl for upper cotton belt by pneumatic cylinder .Automatic or manual correcting device are optional.

△ Drive section adopt gear box, drived by electromagnetic speed control motor or frequency conversion motor.

△ Driver rollers be covered endure abrasion rubber, and cutting “v” form teeth, with drum and put out paperboard stable.