Product Detail

SF-280 Fingerless Single Facer

SF-280 Fingerless Single Facer

Function and Characteristics

Design speed: 100m/min.

Effective width: 1400mm-1800mm.

corrugated roller: Φ280mm.

Driving speed reducer uses immersion oillubrication, reducing the noise, cardon joint transmission, isolated the power supply.

Up corrugated roller, pressing roller, gluing roller going up and down, all are pneumatic control.

Paper guiding type is using vacuum suction, with air volume adjusting device, ensure the flute types stability under high speed situation.

Corrugated roller, pressing roller bearings are using high temperature resistant grease lubrication.

Gluing part is using automatic circulation glue supplying.

Up and down corrugated rolls use 48CrMo high quality chromium molybdenum alloy, through heat treatment, hardness is HRC58-60,